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Voxvil AB was founded by two leading Swedish experts in the field of color imaging. Our range of competencies is based on many years of research and is extensively wide. We provide our customers with expertise and solutions in advanced color imaging applications.


Color Imaging


We know the color imaging process from digital input to hard copy and we have the tools to measure, analyze and manage image quality throughout the digital color imaging workflow. With documented expertise in the field of color imaging and long industrial experience, we work with our customers in R&D, product and process development, product evaluation, benchmarking and professional training.


Spectral Imaging

By spectral imaging new possibilities arise both with respect to imaging  but also for image analyzing applications such as measuring and monotoring systems. Voxvil holds spectral imaging capturing devices, spectral printing system and expertise in spectral data processing. We are continously developing our technology for different customer applications. 


Spectral Imaging workflow where the colour representation is of higher dimensions than the traditional colorimetric three dimensional.




Example of spectral printed image. The great advantage is the consistent colour appearance independently of viewing situation.The reproduction will always match the original.



Project Management


We are well accustomed to carry out our work in multidisciplinary project organization. With our competence and background we often bridge the gap between academic research and industrial applications. Our customers appreciate our project management skills including planning, organizing and managing resources to bring about the successful completion of project goals and objective.





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