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“Color Imaging is fantastic but it can also be realy complicated”



Optimized Performance

The fast technical development in color imaging has open new possibilities but also created new and higher demands. End users are today expecting faster production and higher quality than ever. This puts higher demands on all parts of the color imaging process. In order to achieve this, you need to understand all components and their influence on the imaging systems and be able to control and optimize their performance.


That is what we do, that is our expertise!


Extensively wide competence

Our consultancy services are based on long experience of product development and research in the paper industry. The team at Voxvil AB is also active in the research group Paper Optics & Color at Mid Sweden University. Being in the very forefront of our research area is important to us and we are convinced that it will benefit our customers.


Services and Training

Typically our customers want to improve their product or optimize their process. We have customers supplying the printing industry  who needs to evaluate the performance of their products. Other customers are printers or print buyers aiming for an optimal performance and consistent production process. To support our customers we offer consulting and professional training within the following fields.


- Color Science and color comunication

- Color measurements and color management

- Color appearance

- Image Acqusition and processing

- Image quality evaluation

- Paper and printing, print trials

- Ink-paper interaction 










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